Ramiro Zayas | Pianist and composer based in Berlin

Ramiro Zayas

Pianist - Composer

Ramiro Zayas.

The jazz pianist and composer Ramiro Zayas, based in Berlin, has been active in the scene for several years. In his music, Zayas blends his understanding of modal jazz, free improvisation, and Argentine music.

Among his works as a leader are "Río Interior" (2019) and "Parte del Viaje" (2024), where the artist showcases refined harmonic exploration and solid skills as a composer. Currently, he also leads his ensemble "Collector" and is part of the Finnish-Argentinian trio "Narat".

Discovering the connection between images, emotions, and music is what interests him the most, and he strives to apply it both in his own project and in his compositions for large ensembles or big bands.